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pixeldrako replied to your post: ultimate waifu: tsukihiwaifu #1: karen…

i’m disappointed in you

hell yea bro tsukihi go hard as hell

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team imouto all day and week month year and century
imagei love little sisters T S U K I H I S Q U A D

“500 years ago, there was a boy gathering herbs in the mountains. He was so focused on his search that he soon found himself at the Sacred Barrier.”

“He could see many herbs growing just beyond the Sacred Barrier. The grown-ups had always told him to never, ever go past the Sacred Barrier. Or, if he really had to, to go with an adult.”

“He saw an Ogre coming towards him. The Ogre was trying to follow him back to the village. He had to do something. If the Ogre followed him home, the village would be wiped out. What could he do?”

“I don’t care about my own life. Just please, keep the Ogre from the village.”

“No Ogres have appeared since that day.”